Cutting-edge research has proven that a woman can’t help but get instantly aroused

And even FALL IN LOVE with you,  IF  you can flip all 3 switches at the same time...

---> Which is how some guys get the hottest girls without even trying

I’m about to show you how you can get the women you really want

  • Even if you’re short,
  • below-average in looks,
  • and even if you have a small bank account…
    (or a small package)

Hey I’m Daniel.

I’m in my 40’s, and make a decent salary working in I.T.

I’m 5’8″ and pretty average looking (although I should probably lose a few pounds)

I have a good car, a job, and a healthy savings account...

But until last April, I struggled to connect and sleep with the beautiful women I really wanted

Whenever I met a hot girl, her eyes would glaze over right away (if she'd talk to me at all)

On the  rare  times I'd get a date, I'd feel her get bored fast, waste my $ money, and just end with a goodnight kiss on the cheek

if I was lucky…

Later a text would come saying, "Let's just be friends" ...  if  I ever even heard from her again

And I always got ignored or passed over for other guys – often guys who had less going for them than me!

Even women who first thought I was handsome actually LOST their attraction for me

Well, the conclusion reached by repeated studies show that 99% of men blow it with the women they desire the most...

Because they rely on:

  • Lines
  • “game”
  • Money
  • Getting buff
  • to attract women...

But all that stuff actually kills a woman's desire for you (as I will explain)

See I didn't know about
the 3 Emotional Sex Switches yet…
let alone how to flip all of them AT ONCE.
To make her not only want me, but to easily give her multiple orgasms.... 

Which by the way, is the fastest way to make a girl fall hopelessly in love, so she'll never even THINK about another guy again

But don't get the wrong idea...

If you want lines or pills or gimmicks or any of that bullshit,
then don't waste your time or mine

Because if you want to get a beautiful woman's attention and make her obsessed with you using real, proven principles of female psychology

Then  pull up your pants  and grab a pencil and paper, because I guarantee you've never seen anything like this before

because I guarantee you've never
seen anything like this before...

See awhile back,
I met a fit 20-something blonde
with a perfect tan,
tight round ass,
and perky c-cups…

But what I remember most was her beautiful smile

The day I met her...

The day I met her I was at a bar, having a drink with my friend Mike

Mike said his fiance would be meeting us there....
and she was bringing her friend,

Mike admitted that they had shown my facebook profile to Rachel

She thought I was cute, and since we were both single, they decided to “set us up”

... Well as soon as Rachel walked in,
I got butterflies in my stomach

She was stunning.

My throat tightened...

My mind shifted into overdrive trying to think of funny, interesting things to say

-- I've never been what you'd call a “natural ladies man”

At the time, I was in a long dry-spell after my ex dumped me the year before

I always tried to be a gentleman and treat women with respect

I'd occasionally work up the nerve to ask a girl out, but my dates never ended in sex…

And it's sad to say, but I wasn't even surprised if I never heard from the girl again.
... I began to expect it

In my entire life, the only women I ever slept with were long term girlfriends

And only after spending $ money on dinner dates over several months

I knew I simply didn’t “get it”
when it came to women

I had read some dating advice books and websites which only confused me further:

Shit like:

  •  "Just be confident" -but- "Just be yourself"
  • or "Be funny and interesting" -but- "Just play it cool"
  • and "Be the alpha male" -but- "Be charming and romantic"

My guy friends weren’t much help either...

I had one friend who was into the whole pickup artist thing, and always had some “seduction technique” he found on the internet

"Chicks dig it when you blah blah blah..."

Usually this was some complicated maneuver that felt really creepy

Like I said, I'm not tall,
or especially good-looking,
and I'm about 30 pounds overweight.

Women hardly noticed me

I definitely never thought of myself as the type of guy women approached and flirted with...

I knew a couple guys from college who had always been good with the ladies

But when I watched them talk to women, it was like they spoke a strange code I didn't understand, like an outsider looking in...

Have you ever been talking about a sport with a buddy, and a third guy tries to chime in…but you can tell he has no idea about game?

Let's say it's football - you and your friend played growing up, and follow the NFL... You know the players, and understand the plays

But you can tell that this other guy doesn't really get your jokes, lingo, and references

That's how I talked to women – like I was missing didn't “click” for me

But Rachel, she was my PERFECT 10 !

So my mind went into full throttle:

"ok Mike and his girl already broke the ice for me, good...

Cool, they went to go play Golden Tee

Now it’s up to ME to carry this conversation with Rachel, this is my chance!

Gotta make it count!

Just be yourself. Talk about something interesting...

... Damn, I want to look down at her cleavage!

What should I do with my hands?

Oh, she's talking. Smile, you haven’t smiled in a few seconds

...Ask her a question. Ok look interested"


I thought it was going pretty well,  but then something strange happened 

As I was trying to make my job sound exciting, she shifted her eyes to the bar entrance behind me…

And slowly turned her head... watching someone

I turned, and all I saw was a stocky, balding,
middle-eastern-looking guy wearing a t-shirt and jeans

He clearly wasn’t a threat - just a friendly older man coming in for a drink (or so I thought!)

I wanted to get Rachel’s attention back on me, so I asked her about her work.

She said she was a nurse, but then
behind me I heard a male voice with a heavy accent ...

“Your hair looks great with highlights!”

Rachel lit up

And I forget exactly what she said  but within seconds, she had turned away from me, towards this guy , while he just leaned back against the bar,
occasionally making innocent – even boring - comments

Which made her giggle and paw at his chest while Looking into his eyes

And there was something about the way he looked into hers…like he was talking dirty without saying a word

My heart sank as
I felt Rachel slip away

I was angry, but also mesmerized by this old stranger - I had never seen anything like this!

I was humiliated in front of Mike and his fiance, who probably saw me as a clueless boring LOSER, who couldn't even close the deal
when a girl was thrown in my lap!

But more than anything I was MAD at myself

Then Mike's girlfriend tried to comfort me :

"You're a nice guy…you just have to be yourself and the right one will come along…"

That was the last straw...

Not only had I been passed over again... but I didn't want my life to be a pity party,
I was better than that!

Because I graduated with honors from a prestigious school, worked my way up in a highly technical field...

Not to mention I could cook, played a decent golf game, and even taught myself to play guitar in my 30s…

But women baffled me, and not in a funny, clumsy way like on a TV sitcom

TV trivializes how important sex and love is to men…

I never wanted to be "Hugh Hefner"

I just wanted a beautiful girl who cared about me and would treat me right…

Who wouldn’t punish me if I was nice to her...
I didn’t want to be a jerk or play games

There was no reason why a guy shorter, fatter, and uglier than me should
beat me out for a woman's attention

I hadn't realized how frustrated and empty I had felt for so long

And how important a real sex and love life is

But I had to face reality… I was lonely, horny, and had no clue what to do about it…

For a while I gave up...I played video games, watched TV…
And jerked off to porn, A LOT

But then every time I started to click on a picture or video, this thought flashed in my mind:

This is not real...
you are wasting your life on
a cheap digital substitute...

And once you blow your load,
you'll still be here,
still lonely, lost...
and miserable

When what you really want is to
live your fantasies
with sexy, warm-bodied
real women!

And then I asked myself the question that changed my life...

Why would my brain be wired to WANT something so bad - all the time -
if it was impossible?

See, I don't want an intergalactic space ship...

But I DO want a cool car, because the cool car is actually possible for me

Just like women, nice cars are everywhere, and I see them go past me every day...

But the car is simple. I go to work, make money, head to the dealership, and pick the one I want

I noticed a deep feeling in my gut, that what I wanted with women was actually possible.

In fact I wanted them so bad, because deep down I KNEW they were possible

I had all the things that mattered in life, except one...

So instead of continuing to sell myself short, I started looking for answers

Long story short,  I found a piece called:

 "The Blue Ball Economy"

Looking back it was a sign – I was meant to find that article as you’ll see...

Here’s what it said:

Most men think about sex and dating as a "seduction".

Whether you are using a traditional dinner-date approach, or using a more strategic approach to get a girl in bed as fast as possible. Let's look at what this word actually means:

Seduce comes from the latin word *se-ducere* , which means:

“to lead astray, or entice one away from one’s duty”

It implies deception and manipulation. To get someone to do something they shouldn't.

[[[ By the way, this struck a nerve for me...

Because whenever I desired a woman, I felt a little ashamed or guilty

Like I wanted to get her to do something "bad"
- almost like having sex was something I took from her

And my attempts to impress women were really about
*convincing them to  "let me" do it ]]]


...That's why our culture uses phrases like, “get laid”, “get lucky”, and making a girl “give it up”​

So where does this "seduction" idea come from?

Historically women have been viewed as the property of men. Women couldn't even vote until 1920, but for hundreds of years before that women didn’t have equal rights. For thousands of years women were seen mainly as sex slaves and baby factories.

And even rich families married off their daughters for political gain.

So if a woman is a man's property, and her value is based on her vagina (which is used for sex and making children). Then her value goes DOWN when she has sex... not much different than a car or a couch.

Even in high school girls get labeled as cheap or slutty if they have sex with a guy (even if it's her boyfriend!)

So to protect her reputation a girl must hide her natural sexuality. But males GAIN status – in other words value – by having sex-buddies.

And that's the problem.

Not only are we horny, we feel social pressure to “get” sex...while worrying that girls don't like us!

This makes the perfect storm for corporations to sell you stuff. Whether it's hot girls on a beer commercial… or an ad for a pickup truck that will make you more “manly”... or a phone that proves you're a winner...

Single guys buy stuff to get laid, while married guys buy stuff to please the wife...

In other words, our economy relies on overworked, insecure men…with a lifelong case of BLUE BALLS!

I finally understood the problem, but I was so hungry for a solution that I didn’t think much about this article after that night…

I decided to go to the source – that bastard who stole Rachel from under my nose!

So I went back to that same bar at the same time, every day, for two weeks…

 until he finally the walked in...

But before I could get up, he locked onto another girl, this time a petite dark-haired woman in heels and a tight black dress…

Instead of interrupting, I watched him work

Just like with Rachel, he made a little comment, getting her to turn and talk to him…

I coun't tell what he did after that, but she was instantly locked in, giggling and gazing into his eyes while he leaned back and smirked

It was as if he knew it was a matter of time
before he had her bent over, moaning for him

10 minutes later, it looked like they were getting ready to leave together as he waved the bartender over for the check.

I had waited two weeks, and couldn't wait any longer…so I walked over, and introduced myself.

He seemed surprised at first  ( I think he recognized me and worried I might be angry about Rachel )

I smiled, and stuck out my hand. "Hey man I'm Daniel."

He shook it, and said:

“Hey, I'm Rohan"

(this was in a very heavy foreign accent , which I won’t even try to impersonate)

I leaned over so only he could hear, and said:

"I have to know how you do it.
Come here tomorrow, and I'll cover your tab
- drinks, food, whatever you want.
Just for 30 minutes of your time

He knew what I was talking about... and shrugged.

"Ok. Be here at 6. Tomorrow."

Then he walked out with this girl on his arm who should have been out of his league...
But what he knew outweighed his looks and age

The next day I found a small table in a quiet corner of the bar

...In comes Rohan...

Once he sits, I skip the small talk and ask him point-blank,

"What do you say to all these women?!

He answered:

“I can see you are frustrated, like I used to be…but you are asking the wrong question

I came to America looking for a better life and married young...

But after 12 years trapped in a boring..., castrating…., and almost sexless marriage , my wife and I decided to part quietly (so our families back home wouldn’t find out)

I worked at a University and felt like I was missing out on all those beautiful girls I saw every day

I never got to sow my wild oats and become my own man

However, once single, I really struggled - was almost 40, balding, out of shape, with a heavy accent which is not sexy here like say a British or French one

If I had an Irish or Italian accent, that might have helped, but in America, my accent is NOT typically considered sexy.

Plus I just 'looked' like a techie, not the type of guy girls want

[[[ As he told me this, I realized this was actually an advantage because no one would guess what he was up to. He continued... ]]]

“I spent my whole life studying, then working...

I should have been excited to be single but the idea of talking to a woman just because I wanted to sleep with her seemed very risky

I had no idea how to meet and flirt with women, and I got ignored and shot down constantly after several tries...

I began to feel like I didn't have what it takes…
at least with the really pretty girls

I felt stupid for thinking I could just... change... without any sort of game-plan

I started to doubt if I could get the women I wanted

"Also, I didn't want to waste time 'courting' women, only to have them hold out on sex

I wanted to enjoy a variety of women…

But at some point I wanted to meet the woman of my dreams too

And I was intimidated by the bar scene, so I didn’t want to change my life style

I had already gone through some useless ‘seduction’ e-books
but they didn't help at all…

In fact, I'm pretty sure they just copied each other’s stuff - because it all sounded the same!

I could never do what they said without feeling slimy, and I sure as hell couldn’t  tell  women about what I had been studying
in those 'seduction' e-books.

It's like there was a glass ceiling

"It’s like there was a glass ceiling...

Rohan had done the same search and found the same useless advice I did...

But then he found someone who offered coaching to help guys get better at meeting and talking to women

The guy's name was Brian Burke…

My ears perked up
- where had I heard that name before?

Rohan continued:

“I had my doubts, but this guy was different...

In fact, after reading a few of his articles,
I brought up some of the ideas to women at work.

And the crazy thing was, these women got really excited about what Brian was teaching.

But there was something else – I detected many of the girls actually seemed to get a little too excited by what Brian was teaching.

"many of the girls actually seemed to get
 a little too excited
 by what Brian was teaching 

Like the ideas themselves made them horny…

By the way... I still use this with women and it works like a charm!

There’s nothing to hide, no acting or faking…

It’s like pretending to be good at something versus actually being good at it

In this case, it’s being good at turning women on and pleasuring them!

And I'm now living proof that ANY man can learn this

But my only questions back then were:

How long would it take? and What did I have to do?”

But I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain...and hey, maybe… just maybe Brian could help!

It's not like things could get any worse,
so I took the plunge

Fast-forward a couple months, my life was completely transformed!”

"How? What did you learn?"

He chuckled…and thought for a moment…

"Ok, women are looking to see if you 'get it'…"

"Get what?" I asked

“Every woman has 3 emotional switches...

Most men only flip one or two...and if they flip all three it takes a very long time.

But some men can flip all three within minutes, even seconds.

What Brian taught me is like having a mental GPS for dealing with women…but not in a sneaky way

Like Having A Mental GPS For Dealing With Women

Women want you to understand them...

In other words, she wants to meet a man who knows how to flip these switches

Women constantly complain about men being clueless because they are frustrated too!

“Daniel, a woman must feel 3 things to sleep with a man...

And when she does, it doesn't matter who he is, where they are, or even if she has a boyfriend or husband.

She can't help but get WET for him

You have switches as well… for example, look at that girl
over there...

--- He nodded toward the hottest girl in the room – a milk-skinned redhead with a coke-bottle figure

I instantly knew what he meant because without thinking, I felt my dick twitch as the blood started flowing down there!

He explained:

Just as you flip a switch to turn on a light,
your body “lights up” - you get horny!

But your switches have more to do with her physical body,
HER switches are all about YOUR MIND

She is looking at how you think… not WHAT you think per se… but HOW

In other words, your FOCUS

Here's the difference:

THINK about the color blue


Lift up your head, and LOOK around the room for the color blue...​

Your attention immediately zeroes in on all the items in the shade of blue

This is what I mean by FOCUS

 And here's why it's so hard to fake this: 

Imagine a woman who uses makeup to cover up acne on her face

From a distance you can't tell, but up close there's no hiding it

The makeup doesn't solve the problem, it only hides the symptom … and not very well

But if she cleaned up her diet, took some medication… hell maybe if she stopped caking chemicals on her face …

There might not be a problem to begin with

In the same way, typical dating advice just tries to cover up the symptoms of your struggle...

Sure, women see your face, body, and behavior…but they are looking deeper

So you must attack this issue at the root cause, otherwise women will see right through you..

Especially the hottest girls
because they see "game" all the time

But what Brian taught me is much easier than faking because changing your focus is literally the easiest thing you can do!

Look around the room for things that are blue again...

Now brown...

Now green ...

The difference between a beginner and a master is in the mind 

The master knows what really matters for his goal – what to look for and what to ignore

And remember… a woman wants you to know what matters, she wants you to know *how to look*

But she cannot tell you this”

I begged him to tell me more 
But instead, he silently
Wrote two words on a napkin,
Stood up, and passed it
Across the table...

He gave me a pat on the shoulder as he walked across the room to the coke bottle redhead

The napkin said:

"Sexual Supremacy"


I searched online and found… I shit you not... The same article I stumbled on before - about the blue ball economy!

Now I'm not a superstitious person, but this was pretty crazy

This guy, Brian Burke, had been training men to master women and sex for over a decade

 So I kept digging and read  
 What other guys were saying... 

( Tyler is a 36 year old entrepreneur )

( Mitch is 43 - Attorney )

Rohan was right . . .

As I got going, I realized Sexual Supremacy was very different.​

"As I got going , I realized
Sexual Supremacy was very different 

There was nothing fancy to attempt, nothing to memorize…

No corny lines, lame tricks, fake stories, or acting like someone I wasn't

And I finally understood why I was wrong to ask Rohan "What do you say to women?"


See, although women may be ditzy at times, when it comes to reading men they are pretty sharp

As Rohan said, the hotter girls are skilled at spotting male fakery

And nowadays with all the “game” and pua tricks guys are using, women are even MORE skeptical

They are are not only wired to detect dishonesty but more importantly...

"Lines and fakery focus on spoken words which ignores
the real conversation,
the SILENT conversation

Complex language, on the level we speak now, is only about 15,000 years old.

And guess what… our ancestors were having sex the whole time before that!

So how important can words really be to making women want sex?

  • Think about this :
  • there are thousands of different languages around the world
  • all with different grammatical rules…
  • But people are banging!
  • different words, different cultures…
  • but women are getting wet for the same reasons…

So what is older than words? What is more basic than what you say?


In fact, the human brain processes language in the NEO-CORTEX , which is the NEWEST part of our brains to evolve (“Neo” literally means new). 
But the OLDEST part of our brain is the AMYGDALA --> and it’s in the amygdala where we process EMOTIONS

So how do you change emotions?

This is where the
the 3 Emotional Sex Switches
relate to your focus

If you focus on a bad memory, you feel sad....

If you focus on something you’re proud of, you feel confident

Funny shows make us laugh, horror movies scare us…

And notice how your most intense emotions are NOT expressed with words

If you get mad, you DON'T say, "I'm angry"

You throw up your hands and growl...If you shout a curse word it's only because you've learned to, and have no better words to express it.

When you're excited, you laugh and pump your fist, or clap

And during sex you groan and moan…

And when you orgasm you grunt and then sigh and collapse onto the bed

Kiss your girl's neck and pull her close to show her how special she is to you

All without words…because emotion is REAL COMMUNICATION

Now you've probably heard the phrase,
"it's not what you say
but how you say it" ?

Emotional communication is encoded in your body and face and the way you speak

The scientific term for this code is “meta-communication”

Meta-communication is a huge area of research

But all you need to know is meta-communication encodes your message created in your mind, and that message is sent first, by kinesics (which is commonly called "body-language" but that's actually not quite right)

Kinesics are movements in your face and body that affect your message

Second, your message is sent with paralanguage, which means HOW you say something:

  • your tone
  • how loud you are
  • how you speak
  • etc

You don't need to worry about the technical terms…

Just understand that you are always sending messages encoded by your face, body, and voice

She's wired to read all this, which is why you can't flip her switches with words alone

And trying to control all of this
While talking to a woman
Is practically impossible
- As you already know!​

Here's the second thing you need to know

Most men think you need to wine and dine a woman to make her like you enough to have sex with you

Sure ,  dinner and the wine can have a nice effect, but  ONLY  if you've already activated those switches

If you haven't,
You'll only make things worse
Because she'll see you as
Just another chump
Trying to buy her attention

A woman’s experience of sex and romance is far more emotional and intense for a woman than a man

So physical pleasure is just a small part of her experience
Men can have sex without feeling an emotional connection, but it's different for women

Which is why they usually want to get to you know you before having sex

Scientists have finally shown the connection between emotions and sexual arousal in a woman's brain

And it turns out, the stronger she feels about you, the more aroused she gets… which leads to more intense orgasms for her

And that's really the trick to making a woman come, not just once but many times

But often women aren't aroused enough to climax

Because men don't know how to activate her  3 Emotional Sex Switches  from the moment you meet her ---> Until she's naked in your bed ---> writhing and moaning ---->  with every thrust you make into her

And the best part? When you do it this way, you will make her your girlfriend… guaranteed.

That’s IF you want to.

But on the other hand... you may want to enjoy a variety of women for awhile first

Once I realized I could do this with just about any woman I met, I went on a rampage

Once I realized I could do this
with just about any woman I met,

I went on a rampage

But it's not just me…

( Mike is 37 and works for the State )

( Erik is 39 - a Veteran, and currently runs a VIP security firm )

( Gary is 53 - a research professor at a State University )

( Julio met his dream girl, and made her his girlfriend fast!
The thread below is from Brian's tech guy, who ran into Julio on FB )

As you can see, the  Sexual Supremacy  program is made specifically for regular guys of all ages and backgrounds

( Although there are tons of examples and tactics you can customize )

But you won't have to open yourself up for embarrassing rejection...

"But you won't have to open yourself up to embarrassing rejection...

And most importantly, you
won't have to change who you are
just to get the woman you want.

- But I should warn you, this is not to be used for evil

(yes, there are bad guys out there that want to use women and hurt them)

Used the wrong way, Sexual Supremacy could can break a woman's heart and possibly ruin her for life...

Because the tools in SS are
powerful enough to deeply
warp a woman's mind

With great power comes great responsibility
so please use with caution!

After spending over 10 years transforming the lives of men all over the world, Brian's time is in extremely high demand

For one simple reason:
he gets results for his students FAST…

The change is permanent

See, early on, Brian realized as long as his students were copying him, they would never reach their full potential

Other people may claim to teach a system  
- but really, they just teach you
to copy another man's personality

This is why other things fail – it’s just some other guys’ tricks (which are probably made up to begin with)

In other words, all their methods are simply attempts to fake what Brian teaches you to do with YOUR real personality

On the other hand, Sexual Supremacy is not just a system you use...

Because Brian developed this amazing program
using his patented A.C.T. System of Teaching ©

And that's what makes it
so different and so revolutionary

The skills and know-how are
immediately transferred to your brain

So you'll automatically use the techniques on auto-pilot… naturally and effortlessly

So if you genuinely want to master women and have an incredible sex life

Then Brian made this program for YOU

In fact it was specifically designed to give regular guys the edge with women

And especially if other stuff hasn’t worked for you

Brian wants to build a small army with only the best men,
starting with 100 good men

And it absolutely does NOT matter if you have:

  • below average looks
  • below average confidence
  • or weak social skills…

As long as you are the kind of guy who will actually take action and use it with real women!

A couple weeks after I got Sexual Supremacy,
I began to see the results for myself…

First at the office.

It happened gradually, but I would see subtle attempts by the women at work to flirt with me, little things I never noticed before, lots of them!

But not because I got louder or acted differently… in fact the opposite

I stopped trying to act,
and instead used the

Alpha Male Hack

See, to get the hottest women…... you need to display dominance – in other words, be the alpha male in every situation

Especially if there are other guys competing for her attention

But remember, women can see through the act even faster than other guys

SS gives you an  Alpha Male Hack  that makes you the big dog, without faking… so there's nothing for her to “see through”

You can use it at parties, bars, and even at the office

And TOOL any guy who challenges you…
without him evening knowing it!

So no guy will be able to take the girls from you again!

In fact other guys, including your friends will be jealous, but still give you  respect  , and this is crucial

Because the hottest women subconsciously gravitate towards the man that other men respect

In fact in the office, several girls even came on to me blatantly!

Janice in marketing hinted at grabbing “a redbox and wine”

Which really shocked me because she was like the 2nd hottest chick in the building!

You bet I took her up on it!

But the hottest girl - Karen - was the new hire. All the guys talked about her like blood thirsty wolves…

In fact my boss tried to ask her out - but she turned him down

So when I set my sights on her, I knew I had to be careful so he wouldn't get jealous...

I used Brian's

‘Chase Bait’

technique to lure her toward me

What most guys do when they want a girl is get needy, controlling, and hound her to hang out

The reality is, chasing a woman doesn't work
as well as getting her to chase!

If you're like me,
you hate chasing women...

You'll use the Chase Bait technique to tempt her to chase you by making yourself a fun sexual challenge...

If it's daytime, and you're not in a place where she can corner you and kiss you…

She'll aggressively try to
make plans to "hang out"
the first night she's free…

If it's night time, she'll gently start touching you, and whispering in your ear that she'd like to move to a more private location…

And other alumni in the Sexual Supremacy program say the same thing...

(Cameron works as a logistics coordinator in the Fort Worth, Dallas area)

(Below is "T.C." , a high school athletic director)

As you can see, this tactic makes women see you as the ultimate sexual prize, like Karen did

"...this tactic makes women see you as
the ultimate sexual prize, like Karen did

She began stopping by my desk just to ask pointless questions but with a smile on her face

One day she wrote a yellow sticky note and placed it in front of me while I was on the friday conference call:

“ patio party downtown tonight XXX-XXX-XXXX ”

Now you may already know how important body language is to attracting women...

But if you lack sexual confidence, you will look like a fool trying to act “smooth”

Which is why Brian breaks down how to set a strong sexual precedent... which will make you stand out from other guys at a party, bar or nightclub

Because you'll have an unfair advantage, you'll end up getting that fun, and sexy girl that everyone else wants like you have a pussy-magnet in your pocket

When I did this later that night with Karen, we ended up making out on the balcony...

And then I used Brian's

Exit Plan

to get her back to my place

And let me tell you, once I bent her over and flipped up her black mini-skirt, I saw her ass was even better than I expected

We still meet up at my place from time to time,

but I used the

MPL Role Theory

to keep it casual

so there’s no drama at work!

See, if you want complete CONTROL of the relationship so you can make her your girlfriend, or start getting serious

Or just as easily keep it casual from day one

Then you need to understand the MPL Role Types

A common error men make is thinking that if a woman gives you her number, but flakes out on the date, it's because you weren’t “attractive” enough.


It’s because she doesn't think you fit into the KIND of relationship she wants at that time

Whether casual, exclusive, or for keeps

Here’s the thing…
Modern women are
much more flexible in their desires than men think

So you must quickly gauge the type of man she wants to fill that role in her life

Because most guys spend time and money on traditional dating

--> But how often do you meet a woman you want, only for it to fizzle out on the phone or texts before you even get a chance to see her again?

The reason why is that you assume she wants a certain thing… but she doesn't

It depends on where she's at in life, and you must gauge this ASAP

See, while going through
the Sexual Supremacy program...

I realized how much EASY SEX
I had missed out on

because I assumed all women wanted something serious!

I was I making it harder than it had to be

Understanding the MPL Relationship Roles opened a flood of possibilities while allowing me to mold each relationship to my desire

This is crucial to any guy who wants to bang multiple women or make her your girlfriend...

In other words, putting you in the driver’s seat of your sex and love life

(Kendal is a Realtor, and recently divorced)

So moving on… I must say that while being the secret office stud is great, what really surprised me more was the byproduct of my status, and a promotion because of how much more my coworkers respected me

But it actually makes perfect sense

See, what turns women on, also makes people see you as the leader, and want you to be in charge of them


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Price increases in...

But let's talk about the dreaded “friend-zone” with a woman you've had your eye on

Brian's devised several ways for you to to spark a sexual vibe with a woman, and you can use any of them as you see fit

For example…

If there's a woman you already know, that does not see you ”that way” it's because you don't recognize how she expresses her unique sexuality

This is where understanding her

INS-Embrace Map

comes into play

So instead of telling her how you feel about her (which is what most “nice guys” do) You will be speaking the secret language that all women understand… but very few men understand

...​You will be speaking the secret language that all women understand…
but very few men understand

And then you'll notice her looking deep into your eyes, biting her lip, she'll start rubbing her thighs, and touching her warm blushing neck

Now,  that sort of thing is always a rush. Yet my biggest shock,
was to see how fast sex was happening, with quality women!

Remember I said that women are always reading your messages…well they are also sending you messages (but most guys suck at reading them)

When I was able to read women,
they could tell…

So they didn't feel the need to hide their desire from me – the cat was out of the bag” so to speak

Since she knows her secret is safe with you, she drops all her defenses

( this is from Seth - a 42 year old asset manager at an investment bank )

Now, I've never been into the bar or club scene myself either...

But some of the young bucks at the office prodded me to join them at a lounge known for attracting hot chicks

Before Sexual Supremacy, I would have shied away from a place like that…and honestly I felt nervous standing in line outside

But this time I knew something I didn't know before…

The Static-Dynamic Opener Formula

It locks-in a woman – even if she seems “out of your league”

  • on the street
  • at a bar
  • at work
  • wherever...

Because you'll always have a way to break the ice and engage the woman you want... In any situation, even if you only have a couple minutes to chat

Even if you're

  • below average in looks
  • below average in muscles
  • or below average in height

Because I'm no Brad Pitt (as I said) but that night I met 3 gorgeous girls in their early twenties, and got 2 numbers...

In fact, I actually stumbled over my words with a gorgeous Latina

But instead of it making things awkward, the message BEHIND my jumbled words made her smile…

She met me for a drink a week later, and came back to my place without any hesitation

Now guys were saying they used Sexual Supremacy to
meet women during the day in public, at a cafe or running errands

There is nothing you need to have "prepared"

In fact, this was one of the great things they raved about as well- not being "ready" or expecting to meet women, but it didn't matter - There is nothing you need to have "prepared"

(Jake doesn't mince words)

I saw girls all the time I wanted to meet, but didn't know what to say - well, now that I knew what really mattered, I decided to give it a try

I went to the grocery store
the next day after work,
and saw a couple hotties…

One caught my eye - she had tight yoga pants, showcasing a butt you could rest your beer on…

I went up and said a simple a straight-forward compliment, never thinking about what to say, or if she was "out of my league"

Or worrying about messing up in front of the other people around

She lit up with a breathtaking smile, and stuck out her hand and said:

"I'm Kendra, what’s your name?"

Now normally I would have drawn a blank at this point...

If you've ever run out of things to say, or caught yourself getting nervous, and out of the moment with a hot chick, then you'll love how Brian lays out his smoothest and funniest lines, word for word

And then breaks down the science behind his techniques, and giving you templates like “fill in the blank” that you can apply to your personality

So that you create that magical “click” with a woman where there's never a dull or awkward moment, and she's hanging on your every word

...where there's never a dull or awkward moment, and she's hanging on your every word

The key is to understand the

Mind-Body Balance Calibration

You must know this to avoid the friend zone (the no-sex zone) or the sleazeball creeper zone (also the no sex zone)

Get this right and she’s yours no matter how hot she is

No woman is out of your league - but if you screw it up you’ll lose the girl no matter how average she is

In fact most guys get this code right naturally with women they are NOT attracted to...

So if you crash and burn with the hottest women, this is James Bond level charm, and it's now at your disposal whenever, wherever, with any woman you want

Because she feels like the woman she truly wants to be with you, so no other man can EVER take her away

Because if you get a woman sexually passionate about you,
she WILL fall in love with you so be careful

( Tim didn't mention his age or profession )

Again, her sexuality and her emotions are one and the same, and she can't help it!

So you have to use this system with caution - I learned this the hard way with Kendra…and some of the girls before her

After a couple weeks, she started hinting that she was in love with me and wanted to get serious

Because I was the man she had been waiting for…

Although I liked Kendra…i knew she wasn’t “the one” and I didn't want to settle down…yet

I let her down easy, leaving the option open to keep things casual.

At first she was upset…but she was addicted to the sex and kept coming back…

Meanwhile I was using SS to sleep with multiple women on my terms!

Again, I was taken by surprise at how well this system worked,

Because I didn't take heed to what the other guys in SS said about falling hard for them, begging to be their girlfriends

(Hiroto is a resident nurse and 39 years old)

(Greg works in IT)

So as you can see, age is least of your worries, but if you are an older guy, or a young guy with an “old soul” like Greg said... then you're probably missing the “fun factor” in your interactions.

If you've ever struggled to make a woman laugh because you were too serious, shy, or just nervous, then you know how a lack of humor can kill a sexual vibe with a chick you want

Most guys force jokes and end up trying too hard, but this only turns the woman off and bores her

Nothing is worse than someone trying to be funny when they are not… because real humor is natural and spontaneous

And if you've ever known a guy who was naturally funny you realize it's all about how he sees the world – he's able to point out the humor in situations…

In other words a sense of humor

The great news is this is super easy to teach, and Brian breaks it all down in a way that will make you funny,

But not in a goofy way… in a relaxed, charming fun way...

And you can think of this kind of flirtatious humor as the lubricant of the conversation..

(Terry is also in his 40's - works as an insurance adjuster)

Nothing lets a girl’s guard down better than laughter... and you'll have her giggling and smiling all the way to the bedroom!

But for a lot of guys, it's not just your personality that holds you back with younger women… your body is aging (which scares a lot of guys)

But there's nothing to worry about...

Look, I have a bit of a belly, as I said. Before Sexual Supremacy, I was pudgy.

But ever since SS,
women tell me they like my belly
and rub it all the time!

Rohan and I were joking about this the other day

He said the same thing happened with his bald head.

The fact that he was balding made him look "old" until he learned how to turn women on. But now women LOVE his smooth head,

They say it makes him look “established”, and they rub it and giggle all the time!
This is why he told me that flipping the 3 switches was the only way a regular looking guy ... and especially a guy over 35, could get a smoking hot chick
in her early 20's - having her want you for sex, not your money

This has massive implications  - not only because your looks and age don't matter

(it doesn't hurt to be good-looking or in great shape, but it's definitely not important)
There's another, really exciting way this  "loophole"  in the female mind will give you the sex life of your fantasies…

So Rohan and I are hanging out at the bar, laughing about women and life...

And in walks Rachel, Allison, and a third girl

Rohan whispers in my ear, "Ah man, I'm sick of fucking Rachel. She wanted to be my girlfriend, but I want to meet some new girls. Maybe you can try"

( Rohan created a bit of drama for himself because he didn't know about the effects Sexual Supremacy really has on the female brain )

Unfortunately most guys have no clue what makes sex “good” for a woman...

And they worry about dick size, lasting a super long time,

Or having some special trick to fingering or eating her out…

and it's all completely wrong!

So Brian gives you a

Sex God Gameplan

from start to finish:

How to turn women on (from the moment you meet her), to foreplay, and then sex itself

(Kaz is an electrical engineer, aged 31. His words struck a nerve for me.)

Just like that, you say things that light up her desire, touch her in a way that makes her quake and quiver

And fuck her the way she's always wanted to be fucked… but has been afraid to ask for!

The key to being a true lady’s man is finding out her unique needs in the bedroom

Using the

ME-Q Strategy

Because no other guy ever has...

She will follow you around like a puppy dog!

By banging her EXACTLY how she wants it and making sure she always comes back for more

And brag to her friends because the sex will be too good to keep to herself…

And when this happens you’ll get offers for what I call Referral Sex

That is, her friends will be giving you really obvious signals that they want to sleep with you

At that point it’s just a matter of being discreet and keeping your mouth shut, and enjoying as many women as you want!

In fact, this is the shortcut to 3-SOMES! (more on that in a sec)

By this time, I was now completely over Rachel…and I had a different strategy...

I said hi to Rachel and Allison,

and then used Brian's

Spec-Com Opener

to make the third girl blush.

Then I asked her name. She said "Kimberly."

Within minutes Kimberly was asking me questions, and touching me while gazing into my eyes

And the best part was when I glanced over at Rachel, she was glaring at us with envy and confusion

After Kimberly blushed and
gave me the “tell” that she was horny,
I knew it was time
to give her my number

----> I couldn't take her home, because she
would look “slutty” in front of the other girls (hint)

Women make most guys wait for sex…but will jump in bed with a certain type of guy

I used to go on dates and spend money… and then I'd wonder why I was lucky to get a goodnight kiss

The problem is, if you want to lock down the hottest girls, you have to move fast, because other guys are moving in… and if you go slow, you're just one more BORING suitor.

Once I started using the

Elicit-Reward Touch Pattern

I could put my hands on a woman,

kiss her, do whatever I wanted,

and she'd love it...

And in fact, it would make her start to come on to me!!

I never had to wait until the second date to bang a girl

See, the reason is that by spending all that money and trying to IMPRESS the woman, you are actually turning her off because you are showing her that she's more valuable than you!

Instead of boring dinner dates, you can cut to the chase and get her out of her soaking wet panties!

You make her horny, and get sexual, she WILL start to fall in love

So by switching on her 3 Emotional Sex Switches you can reach the PRIMAL woman inside her…

And make her wildly passionate about you which you can trigger right away, no matter where or when… This puts you in the perfect position to make her your girlfriend.

(Wayne is 33, and does contracting work in Bloomington Minnesota)

When done right, a woman will fall in love and obsess over you, because you correctly guide her to an emotional connection while she goes down on you.

This will even make her orgasm just from your touch, or giving you head, or whatever you like (anal, bondage – any kink you have).

It's an immense loving power you can have over a woman...​

"It’s an immense,
loving power
you can have
over a woman.

But it's one thing to already have a girl, and give her better sex…

But what if there's a girl you want, but you're in the dreaded "friendzone"?

Well that's where I was with Rachel… and that's exactly why I ignored her and banged Kimberly first…

I knew Kim would brag to Rachel about the sex I gave her,
because women talk…

Sure enough a couple days later, Rachel sent me a friend request on Facebook, followed by a short message with her phone number

I didn't set up a date because I knew what she wanted… and she didn't deserve any special treatment after ditching me for Rohan a few months earlier!

 I sent her a text telling her to come by later that night, and she agreed…

The old me would have been ecstatic and nervous, cleaning up, spraying on cologne, getting "ready"

Instead I just relaxed on the couch in my basketball shorts and a tshirt… until I heard a knock on the door…

Oh and I didn't' wear underwear just so she would feel my rod when we hugged

I was having too much fun with all this…

but hey that's how it should be
- fun, sexy, no effort!

The Comfort-Arousal Ramp

is a real-life fast forward button

to bang any girl

in under an hour

If you've ever tried to make a move and either wussed out, made a mistake, or got the timing wrong… don't worry

Because you're going to use Brian's Comfort-Arousal Ramp to get her so turned on, there's no mistaking her signals.

Then you will make a move in a way that absolutely prevents
the possibility of rejection

(Jordan is a pharmaceutical sales rep in southern California)

As she warms up to you she will become more and more comfortable with your advances...

This is the easiest way to get a woman naked… but not the fastest

That's coming next!

Anyway, Kim and I went right to the couch and got it on…

Her sucking skills were a C- but I trained her using some tricks Brian taught me

Once you start using this you’ll be able to hook up with girls…
with no strings attached, because she's getting the same emotions she would get with a boyfriend, but without the serious commitment!

Once you start using this you’ll be able to hook up with girls…
with no strings attached, because she's getting the same emotions she would get with a boyfriend, but without the serious commitment!

After coming 3 or 4 times, Kimberly moaned "your dick is so big…you're sooooo deep"

Afterward, she gasped that she had never been fucked so good, like my cock was going so deep it was going to come out the top of her head…

Which secretly amused me because I'm VERY AVERAGE down there…

Which brings me back to how her emotions affect her experience with you, and even how you look to her

Women tell me I have a huge cock all the time, but it's only about 5 inches, it's how they FEEL about me!

But hey, I don't correct them. I might as well be hung like Ron Jeremy in their eyes. 

I never get sick of hearing, "oh my god it's so big"

Because to her, sex with me is a big experience
because I’m a big experience…

Other SS guys raved about how their women were giving them blow jobs and craving sex all the time, having multiple orgasms…

One of the things that make SS so different is that Brian doesn't teach you to use some magic sexual technique...

But instead teaches you a

Reverse Escalation Technique

That gets her touching
and riding you

The fastest way to get her clothes off and have sex is completely counter-intuitive

And on that note, one of the most incredible parts of SS is Brian's

Power Reversal Process

The funny thing is this method works because it skips all her objections

You'll never have to make a move again because she will!

Brian's  Power Reversal Process  does two things; first it positions YOU as the sexual prize – she sees your sex as a “trophy” she earns

Even married guys were making their wives come over and over…when they had never orgasmed during sex before

Now Kimberly was quite the cowgirl once gets on top!

And as her soft little body was bouncing up and down, while she squealed and moaned with pleasure, I had a moment

What had been the  lowest point  in my pathetic love life was actually the turning point that brought me here

What had been the lowest point in my pathetic love life was actually the turning point that brought me here...


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Price increases in...

Rohan, Brian, all the women, and now I was fucking a girl who was absolutely gorgeous and 10 years younger than me… but a few months before had intimidated me because I thought she was "out of my league"

But the best was yet to come - something I never dreamed I'd do in real life…I'll get back to that in a sec...

A lot of the guys
who find Sexual Supremacy
have high standards...

If you're picky about the girls you want to date I don’t care what anyone says – you have every right to get a girl who is loving and devoted… and absolutely beautiful – the type of women you really want!

Sexual Supremacy is NOT for guys who want to settle

Before I found the SS program, I held myself back with the hottest girls because I didn't think I could handle them because they were out of my league...

But then I learned that the fastest ways to make a woman receptive to you is to show her you understand her on a deeper level…


3DE Formula

allows you to

read any woman’s mind...

because it's the most accurate, 
easy-to-use map
of the female mind ever created

In fact, you can think of SS as a shortcut to find… and keep the girl of your dreams!

In fact Ryan (an educational counselor) invited Brian to his wedding last year. He had met his dream girl and proposed.

So far, he's extremely happy, and just had a son!

As I said, Brian’s time is not cheap

Which is why I'm so excited to talk to you today

Up until now SS has only been available by word of mouth on a private exclusive basis

Brian is the most sought after coach in this field

Because he's constantly  innovating new tools to give you an unfair advantage with women

On top of Sexual Supremacy, he's just finished up some  brand-new advanced material  which won't be available to the public for at least a few months from now...

Because before Brian officially releases these new  supplementary  materials, he wants to get feedback from guys like you...

So for a limited time he's authorized me to include them as a BONUS, when you claim your spot in the Sexual Supremacy movement today

Bonus 1: Limitless with Jay Cataldo

Brian and his trusted life coach Jay Cataldo talk in depth
about attaining deep inner happiness

By releasing fear and anxiety, we are all holding onto past pain in our nervous systems – I know I was

This pain keeps us trapped in negative cycles – like a mental trap

If you feel weighed down, and can't figure out what to do to “get going” it's because this mental trap acts like a fog, so you don't know what direction to take

There's only one feeling then having unstoppable momentum toward your goals

And that's a sense of deep peace and fulfillment in this moment

Jay teaches us how real personal growth is counter-intuitive… Self-improvement implies that you're not good enough...

And that your true self is somehow not “you” as you are… And it keeps you stuck improving, while never feeling happy

"… and it keeps you stuck improving, while never feeling happy

In the LIMITLESS series with Jay Cataldo, Brian and Jay give you real tools you can use instantly, any time you want, to find that perfect balance of happiness and peace right now, while having clarity and movement going forward

Regularly $180 , but today it's FREE with Sexual Supremacy

Bonus 2: Dates Like A Boss

When it comes to dates most guys plan to lose… in other words, to not end in sex

In Dates Like a Boss, Brian and an old friend 'Hydro' breakdown how to plan, text, and setup a date that will end with you and her alone

Without tricks, pressure, or forcing the situation...

 Hydro has an interesting background:  
he was technically homeless for a couple years, sleeping on friends couches...

He's a skateboarding rolling stone, kind of a hippy who lives outside the bounds of normal society

But he's also a horny guy who loves women!
So he had to develop some serious “logistical skills”

By logistics, I mean planning the time, location of his dates, while handling the tricky balance of texting a girl so that she will agree to see you, without coming off needy or making mistakes

Hydro is a younger guy who grew up with a smart phone in his hand, so he is much better at the text game than most guys over 30

Brian picks his brain, and gives his own advanced, tested, and proven tactics to sleep with women on the first date, if you choose to

Regular price: $50 bucks

....but today, it’s included for FREE with Sexual Supremacy

Bonus 3: Breakthrough Confidence
- featuring Ian

Brian's assistant coach is Ian

Ian has a charming and magnetic presence  he had to develop on his own , after growing up shy, being ‘the fat kid’, and struggling with a speech impediment

Brian had similar struggles early on, dealing with severe social anxiety...

So what makes this program so helpful is that you see how two regular men defeated their personal demons to reach a level of mastery not only with women, but in teaching their students like you and me how to achieve

Brian and Ian break down how they get fast, permanent results from their students
Using the groundbreaking LEAD7 System

Lead7 stands for Leadership Emergence and Accelerated Development + the 7 Principles of Fast Learning

Brian wanted to include this program to give you as much of an edge as possible, and the Sexual Supremacy material 2nd-nature ASAP

This course normally goes for $80,

but today it costs nothing extra along with Sexual Supremacy


Bonus 4: Approaching Made Easy
Quick-Start Video

To really become a MASTER of approaching women you need to know what to do in a LOT of situations...

And how to keep your cool, especially if she's super hot, or with friends or even her family!

In most situations where you see a hot chick, it's NOT a perfect scenario – she's with other people, there's only a couple seconds you have,
or you are simply not ready

So Brian's Approaching Made Easy quick-start is gonna make sure you never miss another chance to meet a hot girl again!

And who knows, the next girl you meet might just end up
being the perfect girlfriend!

Regularly $150 bucks...but today it’s FREE

Bonus 5: Raw Interview with Women
Megan, Maria, Analise

And if you're curious about hearing a woman's perspective on what Brian teaches, I have a special treat

It's one thing to hear a guy talk about what he does, but to hear it from women he actually did it to… Well that just gives you even deeper understanding...

Hey if you could read women's minds, this would all be as easy as pie…
and this is exactly what Brian provides
in his Real Women Open Up - Raw Interviews with Women

So that you intuitively understand how women are wired

And you know exactly what to say and do to make women feel the way you want them to!

This ISN'T like any other lame interviews with women you've hear, which are always done by a guy who has NEVER banged the girl he is interviewing.

Two totally different worlds. These Raw Interviews with Women are raw and real simply BECAUSE Brian is interviewing girls he has slept with (which is the ONLY way to get honest and open answers from a woman)​

Use responsibly!

The normal price is $50 bucks, but today it’s included FREE

The total value of all these BONUSES, sold separately is $510

Your Price:


Brian has authorized me to include all 5 bonuses for free but only to the first 100 men who step up TODAY

I've had the privilege of checking them out, and this stuff is pure gold

But just to give you fair warning:

Once Brian has a few success stories for each bonus, he's going to PULL them from this offer...

And he'll go back to selling them each separately at full price

Now be honest...

How much is it worth to you
to sleep with the most beautiful women

- the ones you'd normally think were out of your league?

What if you could attract the most beautiful women with almost NO EFFORT...

And more importantly without fear, and without risking rejection?

What's it worth to have the sex you want, when you want… with the women you want!

And to never have to look at porn or worry if a girl will text you back...

 What would you pay to 
 stop wasting your life,
 and finally get
 the girl of your dreams

$ Hundreds?
$$ Thousands?
$$$ Hundreds of thousands?

Guys who've gone through the SS program say it's worth much more than that...

Sexual Supremacy is literally priceless
- because you can't put a price on

  • Happiness,
  • Power
  • Peace of mind,
  • and Sexual fulfillment

Not to mention the pride you feel knowing you have the hottest chick on your arm, wherever you go!

But you're not going to pay thousands

You won't even pay $500...

or $300...

or $200

You're not even going to pay HALF of that!

The first 100 men
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Price increases in...

Hell, just a years supply of condoms (which you're gonna need)
could cost HUNDREDS!

Right now there's a 5 month waiting list for a private coaching appointment with Brian

 Which is why Sexual Supremacy is so amazing 

You might already be paying for dates, and spending money on material items to attract women

For a lot of guys, going out and spending money at the bar is the biggest expense...

And are you getting a return on your expenses?

The biggest waste is your time…

You're not getting any younger

Time is all you have… and the clock is ticking…

So not only are you saving over $500 on the bonuses alone…

You're saving literally thousands to get Brian's most comprehensive and advanced teachings

Structured in a way that  automatically  implants his expertise into your brain

In the comfort of your home, car, or wherever you feel comfortable

And get this...

Trying out Sexual Supremacy is absolutely risk free for you

Here's why:

You have a full 60 days to get a 100 percent refund –

...If you are not:

  • getting the women you want
  • having the kind of sex life you've always fantasized about

In fact, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your results...

You will have a customer service email address and phone number you can contact any time to get your money back

My only request is you shoot us a message about why because Brian is dead-set on delivering results, and strives to improve how much he can help men like us

And if you decide it's not for you, no problem – your refund is guaranteed, as soon as you let us know

Or even if you feel you've already reached your goals before the 60 days! you are welcome to a full refund


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Checkout is secured with 128 bit encryption, meaning all your information is more than safe - it’s locked down

 Totally private, discreet, confidential...

Access is instant, and you can log in, or download whenever you want...

You don't really need to “trust” anyone. Everything follows the same security standards used by banks and respected retailers.

The best part is, you'll have access in just a matter of seconds, depending on how fast you can enter your information on the next page

No waiting for the mailman, you're getting instant access in the member's download area to this system from the privacy of your own home.

And that also means that it’s all confidential and discreet:  no packages or details on your bank statement 

No one will ever know, unless you tell them

But if you do, you also might get a kick out of them WATCHING YOU DOMINATE around beautiful women!

When you fill out the short encrypted order form on the next page, you are going to immediately start your training

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 If  you let this opportunity pass you by...

...  if  you let things stay the same as you keep finding yourself, wishing that women would like you,

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When you could be laying next to the girlfriend of your dreams, the kind of woman who makes all the other guys jealous

You already know how empty you feel after jerking off to digital images of actresses fake-moaning on some freakishly huge cock of some goofy retard who can barely make a sentence…

And yet YOU are the one with a gooey mess on your hands, in the dark, still alone

And if you've already been burned by rejection, then you know that it becomes a vicious cycle - because women can smell desperation

And if you've already been burned by rejection, then you know that it becomes a vicious cycle - because women can smell desperation

And the fact that you're rusty and awkward means that even if you went out there unequipped with Sexual Supremacy, and tried to meet a girl...

You'd probably get rejected because your FOCUS is wrong, and your energy is sour,

And the whole conversation feels strained because you're not flipping her sex switches like you could!

But I understand – this was me a few months ago...

I was missing out for out for no reason!

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You'll be shocked when you realize how many 'good girls' want to become 'friends with benefits'...

The best part is, Sexual Supremacy doesn’t just apply to one type of girl, or to one type of situation.

  • ​White girls
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  • Latinas
  • Asians
  • High society type girls
  • Down to earth girls
  • Nightlife
  • Daytime

These are universal principles of  female arousal and loyalty.

See, you'll find out how to date multiple women and have them feel good about it.

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Just take a break between your constant bouts of hot passionate sex with this woman who loves you... and shoot me or Brian an email to tell us about your success...

Because that's what keeps Brian going, and I why I committed to helping spread his message...

I made this presentation because I know how much Sexual Supremacy helped me, and I KNOW it will help you

Brian has helped me so much, this presentation is a drop in the bucket compared to what he's done for my lifestyle...

But more importantly, I couldn't live with myself if I went to my grave keeping this incredible knowledge to myself...

So right after you’ve had mind-blowing sex with your Perfect 10 woman, who's doing her best to pull you back to bed,

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The man that acts is the man that should get the girl



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