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Sexual Supremacy is not just a system you use...

Because Brian developed this amazing program
using his patented
A.C.T. System of Teaching ©

And that's what makes it
so different and so revolutionary

The skills and know-how are
immediately transferred to your brain

So you'll automatically use the techniques on auto-pilot… naturally and effortlessly

So if you genuinely want to master women and have an incredible sex life

Then Brian made this program for YOU

Why would my brain be wired to WANT something so bad - all the time -
if it was impossible?

See, I don't want an intergalactic space ship...

But I DO want a cool car, because the cool car is actually possible for me

Just like women, nice cars are everywhere, and I see them go past me every day...

But the car is simple. I go to work, make money, head to the dealership, and pick the one I want

I noticed a deep feeling in my gut, that what I wanted with women was actually possible.

In fact I wanted them so bad, because deep down I KNEW they were possible

I had all the things that mattered in life, except one...

“I had my doubts, but this guy was different...

In fact, after reading a few of his articles,
I brought up some of the ideas to women at work.

And the crazy thing was, these women got really excited about what Brian was teaching.

But there was something else – I detected many of the girls actually seemed to get a little too excited by what Brian was teaching.

"many of the girls actually seemed to get
 a little too excited
 by what Brian was teaching 

Like the ideas themselves made them horny…

By the way... I still use this with women and it works like a charm!

There’s nothing to hide, no acting or faking…

It’s like pretending to be good at something versus actually being good at it

In this case, it’s being good at turning women on and pleasuring them!

And I'm now living proof that ANY man can learn this

But my only questions back then were:

How long would it take? and What did I have to do?”

But I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain...and hey, maybe… just maybe Brian could help!

It's not like things could get any worse,
so I took the plunge

“Every woman has 3 emotional switches...

Most men only flip one or two...and if they flip all three it takes a very long time.

But some men can flip all three within minutes, even seconds.

What Brian taught me is like having a mental GPS for dealing with women…but not in a sneaky way

Like Having A Mental GPS For Dealing With Women

Women want you to understand them...

In other words, she wants to meet a man who knows how to flip these switches

Women constantly complain about men being clueless because they are frustrated too!

 What others are saying... 

( Tyler is a 36 year old entrepreneur )

( Mitch is 43 - Attorney )

Once I realized I could do this
with just about any woman I met,

I went on a rampage

But it's not just me…

( Mike is 37 and works for the State )

( Erik is 39 - a Veteran, and currently runs a VIP security firm )

( Gary is 53 - a research professor at a State University )

( Julio met his dream girl, and made her his girlfriend fast!
The thread below is from Brian's tech guy, who ran into Julio on FB )

As you can see, the  Sexual Supremacy  program is made specifically for regular guys of all ages and backgrounds

( Although there are tons of examples and tactics you can customize )

But you won't have to open yourself up for embarrassing rejection...

"But you won't have to open yourself up to embarrassing rejection...

And most importantly, you
won't have to change who you are
just to get the woman you want.

- But I should warn you, this is not to be used for evil

(yes, there are bad guys out there that want to use women and hurt them)

Used the wrong way, Sexual Supremacy could can break a woman's heart and possibly ruin her for life...

Because the tools in SS are
powerful enough to deeply
warp a woman's mind

With great power comes great responsibility
so please use with caution!

After spending over 10 years transforming the lives of men all over the world, Brian's time is in extremely high demand

For one simple reason:
he gets results for his students FAST…

The change is permanent

See, early on, Brian realized as long as his students were copying him, they would never reach their full potential

Other people may claim to teach a system  
- but really, they just teach you
to copy another man's personality

This is why other things fail – it’s just some other guys’ tricks (which are probably made up to begin with)

In other words, all their methods are simply attempts to fake what Brian teaches you to do with YOUR real personality

( this is from Seth - a 42 year old asset manager at an investment bank )

(Jake doesn't mince words)

Create that magical “click” with a woman where there's never a dull or awkward moment, and she's hanging on your every word

...where there's never a dull or awkward moment, and she's hanging on your every word

( Tim didn't mention his age or profession )

(Hiroto is a resident nurse and 39 years old)

(Greg works in IT)

(Terry is also in his 40's - works as an insurance adjuster)

Instead of boring dinner dates, you can cut to the chase and get her out of her soaking wet panties!

You make her horny, and get sexual, she WILL start to fall in love

So by switching on her 3 Emotional Sex Switches you can reach the PRIMAL woman inside her…

And make her wildly passionate about you which you can trigger right away, no matter where or when… This puts you in the perfect position to make her your girlfriend.

When done right, a woman will fall in love and obsess over you, because you correctly guide her to an emotional connection while she goes down on you.

This will even make her orgasm just from your touch, or giving you head, or whatever you like (anal, bondage – any kink you have).

It's an immense loving power you can have over a woman...​

"It’s an immense,
loving power
you can have
over a woman.

I was having too much fun with all this…

but hey that's how it should be
- fun, sexy, no effort!

(Jordan is a pharmaceutical sales rep in southern California)

Sexual Supremacy is NOT for guys who want to settle

As I said, Brian’s time is not cheap

Which is why I'm so excited to talk to you today

Up until now SS has only been available by word of mouth on a private exclusive basis

Brian is the most sought after coach in this field

Because he's constantly  innovating new tools to give you an unfair advantage with women

On top of Sexual Supremacy, he's just finished up some  brand-new advanced material  which won't be available to the public for at least a few months from now...

Because before Brian officially releases these new  supplementary  materials, he wants to get feedback from guys like you...

So for a limited time he's authorized me to include them as a BONUS, when you claim your spot in the Sexual Supremacy movement today

Bonus 1: Limitless with Jay Cataldo

Brian and his trusted life coach Jay Cataldo talk in depth
about attaining deep inner happiness

By releasing fear and anxiety, we are all holding onto past pain in our nervous systems – I know I was

This pain keeps us trapped in negative cycles – like a mental trap

If you feel weighed down, and can't figure out what to do to “get going” it's because this mental trap acts like a fog, so you don't know what direction to take

There's only one feeling then having unstoppable momentum toward your goals

And that's a sense of deep peace and fulfillment in this moment

Jay teaches us how real personal growth is counter-intuitive… Self-improvement implies that you're not good enough...

And that your true self is somehow not “you” as you are… And it keeps you stuck improving, while never feeling happy

"… and it keeps you stuck improving, while never feeling happy

In the LIMITLESS series with Jay Cataldo, Brian and Jay give you real tools you can use instantly, any time you want, to find that perfect balance of happiness and peace right now, while having clarity and movement going forward

Regularly $180 , but today it's FREE with Sexual Supremacy

Bonus 2: Dates Like A Boss

When it comes to dates most guys plan to lose… in other words, to not end in sex

In Dates Like a Boss, Brian and an old friend 'Hydro' breakdown how to plan, text, and setup a date that will end with you and her alone

Without tricks, pressure, or forcing the situation...

 Hydro has an interesting background:  
he was technically homeless for a couple years, sleeping on friends couches...

He's a skateboarding rolling stone, kind of a hippy who lives outside the bounds of normal society

But he's also a horny guy who loves women!
So he had to develop some serious “logistical skills”

By logistics, I mean planning the time, location of his dates, while handling the tricky balance of texting a girl so that she will agree to see you, without coming off needy or making mistakes

Hydro is a younger guy who grew up with a smart phone in his hand, so he is much better at the text game than most guys over 30

Brian picks his brain, and gives his own advanced, tested, and proven tactics to sleep with women on the first date, if you choose to

Regular price: $50 bucks

....but today, it’s included for FREE with Sexual Supremacy

Bonus 3: Breakthrough Confidence
- featuring Ian

Brian's assistant coach is Ian

Ian has a charming and magnetic presence  he had to develop on his own , after growing up shy, being ‘the fat kid’, and struggling with a speech impediment

Brian had similar struggles early on, dealing with severe social anxiety...

So what makes this program so helpful is that you see how two regular men defeated their personal demons to reach a level of mastery not only with women, but in teaching their students like you and me how to achieve

Brian and Ian break down how they get fast, permanent results from their students
Using the groundbreaking LEAD7 System

Lead7 stands for Leadership Emergence and Accelerated Development + the 7 Principles of Fast Learning

Brian wanted to include this program to give you as much of an edge as possible, and the Sexual Supremacy material 2nd-nature ASAP

This course normally goes for $80,

but today it costs nothing extra along with Sexual Supremacy


Bonus 4: Approaching Made Easy
Quick-Start Video

To really become a MASTER of approaching women you need to know what to do in a LOT of situations...

And how to keep your cool, especially if she's super hot, or with friends or even her family!

In most situations where you see a hot chick, it's NOT a perfect scenario – she's with other people, there's only a couple seconds you have,
or you are simply not ready

So Brian's Approaching Made Easy quick-start is gonna make sure you never miss another chance to meet a hot girl again!

And who knows, the next girl you meet might just end up
being the perfect girlfriend!

Regularly $150 bucks...but today it’s FREE

Bonus 5: Raw Interview with Women
Megan, Maria, Analise

And if you're curious about hearing a woman's perspective on what Brian teaches, I have a special treat

It's one thing to hear a guy talk about what he does, but to hear it from women he actually did it to… Well that just gives you even deeper understanding...

Hey if you could read women's minds, this would all be as easy as pie…
and this is exactly what Brian provides
in his Real Women Open Up - Raw Interviews with Women

So that you intuitively understand how women are wired

And you know exactly what to say and do to make women feel the way you want them to!

This ISN'T like any other lame interviews with women you've hear, which are always done by a guy who has NEVER banged the girl he is interviewing.

Two totally different worlds. These Raw Interviews with Women are raw and real simply BECAUSE Brian is interviewing girls he has slept with (which is the ONLY way to get honest and open answers from a woman)​

Use responsibly!

The normal price is $50 bucks, but today it’s included FREE

The total value of all these BONUSES, sold separately is $510

Your Price:


Brian has authorized me to include all 5 bonuses for free but only to the first 100 men who step up TODAY

I've had the privilege of checking them out, and this stuff is pure gold

But just to give you fair warning:

Once Brian has a few success stories for each bonus, he's going to PULL them from this offer...

And he'll go back to selling them each separately at full price

Now be honest...

How much is it worth to you
to sleep with the most beautiful women

- the ones you'd normally think were out of your league?

What if you could attract the most beautiful women with almost NO EFFORT...

And more importantly without fear, and without risking rejection?

What's it worth to have the sex you want, when you want… with the women you want!

And to never have to look at porn or worry if a girl will text you back...

 What would you pay to 
 stop wasting your life,
 and finally get
 the girl of your dreams

$ Hundreds?
$$ Thousands?
$$$ Hundreds of thousands?

Guys who've gone through the SS program say it's worth much more than that...

Sexual Supremacy is literally priceless
- because you can't put a price on

  • Happiness,
  • Power
  • Peace of mind,
  • and Sexual fulfillment

Not to mention the pride you feel knowing you have the hottest chick on your arm, wherever you go!

But you're not going to pay thousands

You won't even pay $500...

or $300...

or $200

You're not even going to pay HALF of that!

The first 100 men
who step up TODAY will get
Instant access to SS for just


Get Instant Access >>

Price increases in...

Hell, just a years supply of condoms (which you're gonna need)
could cost HUNDREDS!

Right now there's a 5 month waiting list for a private coaching appointment with Brian

 Which is why Sexual Supremacy is so amazing 

You might already be paying for dates, and spending money on material items to attract women

For a lot of guys, going out and spending money at the bar is the biggest expense...

And are you getting a return on your expenses?

The biggest waste is your time…

You're not getting any younger

Time is all you have… and the clock is ticking…

So not only are you saving over $500 on the bonuses alone…

You're saving literally thousands to get Brian's most comprehensive and advanced teachings

Structured in a way that  automatically  implants his expertise into your brain

In the comfort of your home, car, or wherever you feel comfortable

And get this...

Trying out Sexual Supremacy is absolutely risk free for you

Here's why:

You have a full 60 days to get a 100 percent refund –

...If you are not:

  • getting the women you want
  • having the kind of sex life you've always fantasized about

In fact, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your results...

You will have a customer service email address and phone number you can contact any time to get your money back

My only request is you shoot us a message about why because Brian is dead-set on delivering results, and strives to improve how much he can help men like us

And if you decide it's not for you, no problem – your refund is guaranteed, as soon as you let us know

Or even if you feel you've already reached your goals before the 60 days! you are welcome to a full refund


Get Instant Access >>

Price increases in...

Checkout is secured with 128 bit encryption, meaning all your information is more than safe - it’s locked down

 Totally private, discreet, confidential...

Access is instant, and you can log in, or download whenever you want...

You don't really need to “trust” anyone. Everything follows the same security standards used by banks and respected retailers.

The best part is, you'll have access in just a matter of seconds, depending on how fast you can enter your information on the next page

No waiting for the mailman, you're getting instant access in the member's download area to this system from the privacy of your own home.

And that also means that it’s all confidential and discreet:  no packages or details on your bank statement 

No one will ever know, unless you tell them

But if you do, you also might get a kick out of them WATCHING YOU DOMINATE around beautiful women!

When you fill out the short encrypted order form on the next page, you are going to immediately start your training

Now here’s exactly what to do next to get instant access and start this new chapter in your life:

Click the BUTTON below
to get Sexual Supremacy PLUS all the bonuses


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Price increases in...

Checkout is smooth, easy, and secure.

Once you click the YELLOW BUTTON , you’ll be taken to the 100% secure checkout page

...Just fill in your details real quick,
you don’t even have to provide an address

All purchases are discreetly billed, and will show up on your statement as “CLICKBANK”, our chosen payment processor... one of the world’s largest and most trusted payment processors - secured with 128bit encryption.

You can also use Paypal if you’d like​

You’ll be guided every step of the way

All you have to do is click the yellow button to GET STARTED NOW


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Price increases in...

 Imagine the girl you want…

She has the perfect face, and the kind of body that you want to bang,
over and over until she can't take anymore

Imagine knowing that when you see that girl, you have the POWER and skill to make her want you, and fall in love with you

And once she's locked in, all you have to do is relax while she comes on to you, and does her best to get you hard and horny and ready to ravage her!

I wouldn’t make these claims and give you such a huge guarantee if I didn't believe in Brian's Sexual Supremacy program 110%

The POWER of knowing you can get any girl, or finally connecting with that one special girl who overlooked you...

And how excited you'll be once you start kissing her for the first time, once you start sliding your hands all over her soft, smooth little body

Now imagine your dream girl
with some douche
who doesn't deserve her!

 If  you let this opportunity pass you by...

...  if  you let things stay the same as you keep finding yourself, wishing that women would like you,

or  if  you waiting for hope for fate, luck, chance, or worst of all, leaving these things up to her,  then you will never get the girls you want, the sex you want, and you will end up either settling, or alone...

When you could be laying next to the girlfriend of your dreams, the kind of woman who makes all the other guys jealous

You already know how empty you feel after jerking off to digital images of actresses fake-moaning on some freakishly huge cock of some goofy retard who can barely make a sentence…

And yet YOU are the one with a gooey mess on your hands, in the dark, still alone

And if you've already been burned by rejection, then you know that it becomes a vicious cycle - because women can smell desperation

And if you've already been burned by rejection, then you know that it becomes a vicious cycle - because women can smell desperation

And the fact that you're rusty and awkward means that even if you went out there unequipped with Sexual Supremacy, and tried to meet a girl...

You'd probably get rejected because your FOCUS is wrong, and your energy is sour,

And the whole conversation feels strained because you're not flipping her sex switches like you could!

But I understand – this was me a few months ago...

I was missing out for out for no reason!

You'll be shocked when you realize how many 'good girls' want to become 'friends with benefits'...

The best part is, Sexual Supremacy doesn’t just apply to one type of girl, or to one type of situation.

  • ​White girls
  • Black girls
  • Latinas
  • Asians
  • High society type girls
  • Down to earth girls
  • Nightlife
  • Daytime

These are universal principles of  female arousal and loyalty.

See, you'll find out how to date multiple women and have them feel good about it.

Once you know this, you'll never have to worry about getting 'caught' because the worst thing that can possibly happen is she'll join in!

But at the end of the day, it's not magic

You have to DO something, you have to take action now

Women want a man of action, and love it when you go for what you want

Like I said, for today’re getting the entire system, and the 5 BONUSES to take you above and beyond everything you could ever need to know, To connect and sleep with any woman you meet...

And keep her as your loyal girlfriend, or a casual sex-buddy in your harem

For this crazy-low investment, risk-free...

Think about it – if you can't do this, you'll never get your dream girl...

You might see her... hell, she may walk past you tomorrow...

If you don't at least give SS a try… you would be taking a huge risk

Because without this power, she will slip through your fingers forever

If I was a rich man I would have paid a million bucks for this

But like I said, I couldn't put a price on the results I've had

And the 5 bonuses take this to an even crazier level!

I didn't have access to them back when I found SS so I'm kind of jealous

But remember --> the bonuses are only available at no extra cost until Brian takes them down and sells them separately

So you need to be among the first 100 men to step forward

Just hit the yellow buy button below to get instant access and get started now


Get Instant Access >>

Price increases in...

All we ask in return is that once you get the girlfriend you want, the girl of your dreams...

Just take a break between your constant bouts of hot passionate sex with this woman who loves you... and shoot me or Brian an email to tell us about your success...

Because that's what keeps Brian going, and I why I committed to helping spread his message...

I made this presentation because I know how much Sexual Supremacy helped me, and I KNOW it will help you

Brian has helped me so much, this presentation is a drop in the bucket compared to what he's done for my lifestyle...

Finally, remember this:

Your results are guaranteed for 60 days!

Don't give up your spot to another man – you deserve to be happy and fulfilled, sexually, and emotionally!

The man that acts is the man that should get the girl



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Price increases in...

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