Heat Her Up In Seconds
With These Simple Small Talk Tricks

The difference between a lonely dud and a charming stud is NOT money, looks, or luck. Some men know what makes women wet, but they don't want to share the secret.

  • Do your conversations with beautiful women feel forced, and fall flat?
  • Have you ever been "friend zoned" by a girl you liked, only to find out some other guy is sleeping with her?
  • Do you feel nervous when it’s time to make a move and get physical with women?

I know it's frustrating, but don't feel bad. These issues are common for men…JeansUnzipAndArrow-whitebg

But totally unnecessary. The fact is, making women turned on is so simple and easy, you can do it on auto-pilot… IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

And this might be hard to hear…but I guarantee it's true:

You have already met MANY women who would have slept with you. In other words, YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON EASY SEX!


...In fact, most men COULD sleep with 4 times more women than they do.
There are three reasons why they don't:
  1. Most men send a creepy vibe, but not a sexual vibe. This is an easy fix, as you are about to learn.
  2. Female sexuality is totally misunderstood. Women are surprisingly simple (and highly sexual), but the guys who "get girls" don't want to share.
  3. Men try to be smooth and impress women. This only tells her that you are BAD IN BED.

Women can sense a man's sexual power INSTANTLY. HWYL-spark

It's been proven scientifically that women subconsciously decide if they would sleep with a man within minutes (often seconds) of meeting him.


This is crucial. Either you turn her on FAST, or you won't sleep with her - EVER.

This is why women may say a guy is "nice" or "funny"

But when asked if they'd sleep with him, you hear an emphatic NO.

Either you fall into the "NO!" category, or the "YEAH! I BET HE'S GOOD IN BED!" category.

It's easier to ram a Toyota Prius through a 4-foot-deep mud bog than it is to jump categories after she has filed you away.

So play the smart strategy...

...Get into her "YES!" category as soon as you can.

Some guys spark sexual arousal in women automatically. And as you probably know, guys who have a "natural way" with women aren't always the smartest or best-looking…they just know something you don't.

Imagine trying to teach yourself to drive a car for the first time without taking driver's ed classes…in REAL RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC...

You'd have a rough learning curve, mainly because you'd probably get in an accident before you got much experience.

And yet, look how easy it is to drive a car? From the eyes of a 10 year old, driving looks like some magical, complex, "grown up" ability. But now that you know the truth, you know it's not.

Just like you learned to drive, you can learn to trigger arousal in any woman you meet, AUTOMATICALLY.

If you are reading this, you want to be a better man, and enjoy all that life has to offer. You deserve that.

For over 8 years, Brian Burke has helped hundreds of men achieve their dream sex life. He is the foremost expert on women and dating.


Just like hundreds of other guys, I’ve used his system to live the sex life of my dreams…That’s why I have to tell you about a groundbreaking 3 Part Video program called The Sexual Spark.

Brian just put the finishing touches on this 3 Part Video Series. It’s based on scientific research of female sexuality, and of course, his own real-world experience.

It is based off of his closely-guarded ACT System.

The crazy thing he's done with this video series is flip his ACT system on its head in order to quickly and effortlessly address your most pressing problem…

How to turn women on FAST and create sexual chemistry…no matter where you meet them!

I was planning on making it publicly available for $100

But then I realized some guys wouldn't be able to afford that. So instead of selling a smaller amount of copies for more money, I'm going to do something extremely generous (or crazy and stupid).

I'm offering this program to my inner circle for…

There's no catch…other than this. Watch the damn thing, take notes, and practice what you learned.

My passion is to coach guys personally. I am planning a HUGE live program for advanced students at the end of the year, and Sexual Spark is a way for me to reach more men and fast-forward them to an advanced level.

I want a small army of men operating at an elite level with women by 2015. ClubChic1

You could say this is a "recruiting process." I'm "sparking" a movement. I want to pass the torch. I want to set the world on fire (in a good way).

The videos are done, so I lose nothing by giving them away.

BUT if I gave them away for free, most guys wouldn't watch them. We don't value things we don't pay for, that’s just human nature.

So let’s make a deal...Instead of going out for lunch tomorrow, pack some left-overs, and spend that $37 bucks on something that will change your life forever.

Let's Go!

Here's what you will learn:
    • -Why women don't express themselves sexually, even though they actually WANT to
    • -Why trying to impress a woman is the fastest way to show her she SHOULDN’T have sex with you
    • -How to always know what to say next so you never have another "awkward moment" again
    • -Why you should never tell her what she wants to hear (you should do this instead)
Show +


    • -The importance of giving instead of getting
    • -Why you MUST understand the difference between sexy and sexual
    • -What her "hidden desire" is (and how to figure it out)
    • -How to use "The Predicament" to your advantage
    • -The truth about sex (it's not about infiltration…but EXPLORATION)
And those are just the first two videos!
The 3rd video is where he really gets into the meat of the program.
But here's what you have to understand:

If you don't build the foundations Brian teaches in videos 1 and 2…you will NOT understand or succeed with the "advanced" material in video 3.

Video three is where he transitions from principles and strategy to tactics and techniques. This the "sexy" stuff. But like I said, if you ignore the foundational material you won't succeed.

This is the video where the rubber hits the road, inside you'll discover:
    • -The true meaning of confidence (and how to get it)
    • -Why you must understand the process of Expression, Permission, Exploration (and why you'll fall flat on your face without it)
    • -How to overcome barriers WITHOUT being coming across as creepy or pushy (in fact, once you understand this women will make the first moves)
    • -6 tricks of non-verbal communication to make her crave you in bed
    • -How to free yourself from approach anxiety so you can display your sexual nature naturally
    • -3 physical actions you must use with her to set the tone that this is a sexual relationship
    • -Why the "friend zone" is actually a myth and what you need to do to eliminate it forever
    • -The secret power of "Thrust" that makes it impossible for women NOT to see you as a sexual prospect
    • -How to discover your "Inner Animal" (and why it's essential to creating sexual tension)


I could go on, but you're time would be better spent watching the actual program. If you don't like it, I've made it super easy to get your money back. No questions asked - all it takes is a quick email letting us know and you'll get the money back in your account.

Put the Sexual Spark in your life and live out all your dirty fantasies with the women you really want!

"I don't want to date my hand any longer. I understand I can get my money back if I don't like it. I'm done fooling around so GIVE ME THE SEXUAL SPARK!"

"This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old."