Supremacy With Women
Avoiding The "Confidence Catch 22"

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Sunday, March 01st
7:00 PM Eastern Time

The Training

You'll learn how to focus your mind in a way which puts women in a sexually receptive mood with you. This works at ALL levels of an interaction, whether first meeting and touching her - to kissing her - all the way through leading her into your bedroom and having your way with her.

The best part: she'll love every minute of it EVEN IF she knows what you're "up to"


Brian Burke

  • Full-Time Professional
    Dating Coach since 2006
  • Founder - Go Beyond Dating


It works like a charm in high energy situations like bars, clubs, concerts.

It works in quieter situations like coffee shops, or among groups of co-workers or students.

It works with the type of women who make your heart beat faster just looking at them (in fact it works BEST on them).

It doesn't require being "alpha male" of the group, or 'Lord Of The Club'.

Doing this doesn't require memorization, manipulation, methods, or flashing your money around hoping a girl will notice you.

And it's not some sort of hypnosis ruse, because you're not "doing" anything.


begins in:

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